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Short Stories

  A Date With Destiny - Cat Woodmansee

Diamond Smith pushed her plate back, wiped her mouth with a naptkin, and stood up from the table. "Master, I'm going out."

Lacy stabbed a fork full of salad and asked, "Something up?"

The tall, black haired Diamond went to the coat closet and pulled out a shoulder harness with a pair of flat black .45 semi-automatics in holsters. She shrugged into it, buckled it across her chest, then slipped on a worn black leather vest that covered the guns and partially covered her small breasts. She smoothed down the short black leather skirt she was already wearing.


  The Devil's Knitting Needles - Erin Fanning

Randy leaned toward the girl and positioned his elbows on the counter. He felt the muscles in his biceps grow taut. It was a move he’d practiced many times in front of his bathroom mirror. 

“Meet me later and I’ll show you around town,” he said. “How about it?” 

“My, but aren’t you the bold one?” the girl whispered.


  Double Shock - Sandy Daley

 “We have time for a couple more questions,” Mitch told the teens as they sat in the high school gym for Career Day.

He enjoyed talking with the teens, but keeping the attention of high school kids could be as difficult as with grade schoolers.

A boy raised his hand and stood.  His jeans hung low on his hips.  Only hope kept those jeans from falling to his ankles, Mitch thought.


  The Girl Next Door - Marie Morgan

Mr. Avery hated the city.

He hated the crowds. He hated the crime. He hated the liberals and the utter lack of morality. Mr. Avery had hated the city his entire life, and now that he was retired, he’d packed up his belongings and moved to a small town in the countryside.


  Hate and Imagination - Philip Roberts

He wore a long brown trench coat that fluttered open in the wind. Alex didn’t see where he came from, the man just there, reaching behind his back. He had on a white, button up shirt and a pair of nice, black pants underneath his coat. Even though the temperature easily topped eighty on that windy day, he didn’t seem to sweat. When the shotgun became visible from beneath his coat, others took notice.


  Sally - by Jasmine Odessa Rizer

Once, when I was young, I had the amazing good fortune to date a very wealthy man. It was the closest to a life of luxury I had ever come.

My boyfriend’s life was more or less exactly like people like me generally imagined rich people’s lives to be. His mother lay around by the swimming pool looking impossibly thin and young. His father name-dropped celebrities, and the residents of their gated neighborhood threw lavish parties at which people came out of the bathroom wiping their noses and looking furtive.


  Sam's Story - Daniel Fabiani

He mumbled words like his mouth was full of food. Phrases came out like wet dog snacks, the jargon of a drunk. His breathe was hot against my face and stunk of whiskey. Thousands of deep crevices and wrinkles stared me down, a crow’s complexion reflected. He was an old black man, at least what I could see of him, and his brillo pad hair puffed like a blow fish. There was no escape for me.


  Trailings of the Other Kind - Lori M. Myers

A large object like a flash of black lightning ran out of the mist-shrouded graveyard and into the path of Dr. Brandon Royce’s pick-up truck. He heard the sound of flesh against metal. The object flew into the air on impact, slammed against the truck’s windshield in a heap, then seemed to relax onto the road. The dented vehicle bounced as it ran over the victim.


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