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Note from the Editor

  I've had a busy few months since the last issue, and I'd like to thank everyone for dropping by this little magazine.

Drops of Crimson has gone quarterly. I do all the slush pile and web work on my own, and it was getting hard to do every other month. I also do the web work for Three Crow Press, and sometimes I would have to build both magazines in the same month. Now I have them both on a quarterly schedule, so that will be nice.

Frequent contributors and good friends - Dennis R. Upkins and Kenneth Mark Hoover - have graciously accepted becoming special contributors. I've pretty much given them free reign to post any story, review or artwork they want to share in each issue. I love these guys, and I know you have enjoyed their work as well.

I have enough stories for the April Issue in the bag, but will need stories for the Summer YA issue. Please check the submission page for details.


Sincerely - J. Lee Moffatt


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  Vol. 2, Issue 2 - 1.15.15


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