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Welcome to my non-professional website. This is where you can read my fanfiction, look at my art, check out the hotness that is my Desert Island Five, my obsession with Vampire the Masquerade, and just hang out with the weirdness that is J. Lee Moffatt aka Goth Huntress on many, many forums including LJ and Twitter.

I've wanted to be a writer since I read the book Harriet the Spy when I was a kid. I started keeping a journal back then in a spiral notebook in my desk drawer. Harriet was my hero. It was so great to be able to write whatever I wanted and exorcise my demons. The problem was when I got into trouble for it. The principal of the school I was in and I had a rousing battle over my constitutional rights. I remember telling her

"if a fetus has constitutional rights, then I certainly have them as a twelve year old." She called my mother who said "well she's right isn't she?" Gotta love my mom. She defended me when I got into trouble for practicing witchcraft at the age of 13 too by pointing out "where do you think she got the books?" 

I was constantly writing short stories and Star Trek fiction all through high school in Las Vegas, but never tried to publish anything. When I was almost finished with my English BA, I realized that I would end up frying hamburgers with that one, and switched to Journalism.

I was frustrated with the English program since it was dedicated to teaching you how to read. I'd been reading since I was 3. It was writing that I wanted to learn to do. Journalism wasn't the best move for that either. It took me many years to work in my field, and many more years to remember how to write fiction. Just the facts ma'am writing stunted my creativity

I became a Role Player in college, and would create complex characters and worlds for them to play in. I made my way through AD&D and on to Vampire the Masquerade over the years. VtM is where most of my playing is done now a days, even if the world is from some other genre, we convert to those rules for simplicity and because they basically rock.

A few years ago it occurred to me that if I would just get off my ass and finish something maybe I could actually write a book. Since Nov 1 2005, I've put together several novels. Most are still in draft form, with a couple being pitched to agents. Sooner or later I will bag one. The first thing after I get a book deal, I'm getting a Huntress tattoo


Why the Huntress?


When I was a little girl, I wanted to be Batman's daughter. I was pretty surprised when I got into reading comics as an adult to discover that Catwoman and Batman had a daughter, and her name was Helena. Helena Wayne became the Huntress of Earth Two after her mother was killed and her father retired as Batman. Her stories were featured in the back of Wonder Woman comics during the early 80s. You can read all of those adventures in a book called Dark Knight Daughter.

In 2002, the WB (now the CW) started the Birds of Prey TV-Series. It was an amalgamation of the Birds of Prey comics with the Earth Two Huntress - sort of. Helena was named Kyle in this incarnation, played by the beautiful Ashley Scott with dark hair. Helena barely met her father, Bruce Wayne, after her mother was murdered. She was raised by Barbara Gordon (former Batgirl, now Oracle) to be a crime fighter in New Gotham.

What the show did right was Oracle. Dina Meyer as Barbara Gordon was perfect casting. Huntress was a great character, but readers of the BoP comics didn't understand where Black Canary was. And for most of the WB's audience Huntress is Helena Bertinelli. Bertinelli is current Huntress in DC Comics, and she is no relation to Batman. This rubbed the fans the wrong way. I didn't mind. I was just thrilled to see MY Huntress alive.

The series was canceled after airing their initial 13 episodes. You can get them on DVD. I was doing on line RP at the time playing Huntress, and the moniker of Goth Huntress just sort of stuck with me. I use it all over the place now.


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